Gopal Dash Baghel's CSPL Revolutionizes College Sports In India​

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About us

We are a group of people who join hands together to build a platform for young talents to show their skills in sports activities. At this stage, we are focusing on cricket “The most popular and common sport which has a huge fanbase in India”. But in the future, we focus on every sport in India that helps youngsters to show their sports talent at an international level.


Integrity-To be ethical, sincere, and open in all our works Excellence-We will be passionate about achieving the highest standard of quality Learning-Learning new lessons every day Team Work-Without a team we are nothing


We aim to give a platform for energetic and young talented students who are ambitious to become sportsmen by providing them with a platform to express their skills and talents. We believe that every sport is not just a game, it’s a way of life for learning new lessons, interacting, and teamwork. We are passionate about growing these sports throughout India and helping the growing sportsman’s dreams to be achieved through us. We strongly believe that we can contribute at least 1 player from each state yearly to play in international matches or leagues


India produced lots of sports talents throughout the years. Still in India, many young talents in this field are destroyed day by day due to a lack of opportunities for them. Most of them play only in district-level tournaments or below district-level tournaments. Their born talents and hard work are not getting the result that they expect. The population of India itself says how competitive the sports world will be. India’s population is nearly about 141 crore and from that, only 20 or 30 will get a chance to represent their country in the Indian jersey. So without proper practice or coaching, there is no chance for any player to represent their country. In the case of cricket, there are lots of league options available currently in India and other countries. Mostly it is the first platform for new talents to show their skill at a national or international level. About 200 Indian players play in different teams in that matches. Yearly only up to 10 new Players are getting the opportunity to play in the different leagues and some years it is near zero. At that stage, no new players are receiving any opportunity.


These will surely decrease the confidence of young players and some of them will quit their sports careers and others will be mentally depressed. In the case of selected players, only a few get a chance to play in the final team of 11 and others are watching games from the team dugout or benches waiting for their day to get included in team 11. This is a system followed throughout the years. But they believe that if they get selected to a different franchise in a league one day they will surely get an opportunity to play for corresponding teams in that league. In the case of other sports such as football, volleyball, badminton, etc the opportunity is very less compared to cricket. There are different leagues conducted in football. and these leagues play a major role in developing football in India. On the other hand, there are different leagues for kabaddi, volleyball, and Badminton. After looking at all the tournaments we can see only a single team from a state is represented in the tournament, still, young talents are not getting the opportunities due to the presence of senior players. So we decided to find a new way to bring talents forward by focusing on youngsters between the age group of 17-20


It is the best age to develop their sports skills and if we give them a platform most of them will surely succeed in their careers. We thought of developing a league of different sports that starts at the district-level tournaments and ends at the national level Tournaments or above that. Different teams from cities or districts from a state are selected. Maximum 8 teams from a state can represent in knock tournaments and from that 8 winners and runners-up are selected to play in national-level leagues after completing the knockout league from different states and, union territories 60 teams are selected for the national level league more than 7000 youngsters will get an opportunity to express their talents throughout this league

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This website provides you with the latest sports news, updates, and about the leagues conducted by us. You can find details about teams, players, and results of every match from this website. We will provide you with some match moments, videos, and photos. Some selected matches will be broadcasted live through this website and you will not miss any actions of this league and will provide highlights of his matches. Another salient feature of this website is, it provides you with interesting blogs from different writers who have a great knowledge of sports. If you are a true sports fan or just a time pass viewer you can spend your time worthwhile by reading these blogs.

Helping Hands​

We would like like to express our thanks to all investors and other personalities who helped to develop this league from base to top. Without your support, this league cannot be a huge success. So we need to ensure that the league must grow faster with your long-term support and let this league be a milestone in Indian sports history

Suggestions for Other League

There are different leagues conducted in India and throughout other countries. So you should not always focus on business rather than developing new talents. Give equal priority to both junior and senior players so that juniors can reduce their pressure in the game and can play freely and will surely give you the best output. Give 2 or more chances to failed players. If they are capable of anything they will give you perfect results because one match can’t decide a player’s future. Try to invest some money and time in developing academies to increase their basic facilities and should target skilled young players and give them good coaching and practices