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The following brand and protection guidelines have been developed for CSPL to ensure the proper and responsible use of the brand identity of CSPL and to protect its intellectual property. This policy aims to maintain the reputation and integrity of the CSPL and improve brand recognization and helps to prevent the unauthorized use of the logo by other person or a community. All business partners including teams, sponsors, broadcasters, and fans are expected to follow these guidelines to maintain the brand equity



Logo usage: The CSPL sports league logo is the basic visual representation of the league’s brand. It should not be changed or modified and should be used in its original form. The logo should be displayed in its original style and readable form ensuring clear visibility and spacing to maintain brand recognization.

Colors and Typography: The official colors and typography used in the logo and leagues are the main elements of the brand identity of CSPL.These elements are consistently used across all communications, marketing, and merchandise to maintain brand recognization.

Clear space and Size: A clear space should be maintained around the logo of CSPL to ensure the visibility and identity of the logo by the viewers. The minimum size required for logo usage should be followed strictly to preserve the neatness and clarity of logos for various purposes.



Trademarks and Copyrights: The CSPL Sports League authorities only have the right to use all trademarks, brands, copyrights, and other intellectual properties connected with this league. If these private assets are used without any permission from the CSPL league board, they may be subject to legal actions.

Licensing and Permissions: Any use of the league’s private materials, such as the logo, team names, or images associated with the league, requires either written official approval or other licensing agreements from the league board. Before using any assets belonging to the league, sponsors, partners, and other representatives must get relevant access from the CSPL governing council

Infringement Reporting: CSPL Sports League encourages the reporting of any suspected intellectual property infringement. A designated point of contact should be established to handle such reports and take appropriate action to protect the league’s intellectual property rights. If any corruption or breaking of CSPL league laws is found in the league, the board of CSPL has the right to take strict decisions according to the nature of the mistake.



Approval Process: All advertisements, promotions, and sponsorships involving the CSPL Sports League require prior approval from the board. The league reserves the right to review and evaluate potential partners and their suitability with the league’s brand image.

Brand Alignment: Sponsors and advertisers must arrange their campaigns and message with the league’s values and target audience. The league has the right to reject partnerships that conflict with its brand identity or break the league’s policy and which may damage the league’s reputation.

Endorsements and Player Image Rights: The use of player images, names, or endorsements for commercial purposes must have contractual agreements and applicable image rights regulations. Without any agreements, commercial usage of player images is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal actions against the violators



Official Accounts: Only the CSPL Sports League’s official social media accounts are authorized to represent the league and its teams. Other accounts or individuals should avoid using league branding or misrepresenting the league in any form.

User-Generated Content: Fans and followers are encouraged to create and share content related to the league, but it must not break the rules upon intellectual property rights. Proper content should be given when using league-related assets and offensive or inappropriate content should be promptly addressed or removed and may be subjected to actions from the CSPL board.

Influencer Partnerships: Influencers and content creators interested in partnership with the CSPL Sports League must follow the league’s guidelines and obtain appropriate permissions for the usage of league branding or intellectual property.



The Brand and Protection Guideline Policy for CSPL Sports League is crucial for maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity while safeguarding the league’s intellectual property. Observations of these guidelines will ensure that the league’s brand equity is preserved, enabling it to maintain a positive image, engage with stakeholders effectively.