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CSPL – a not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation, offers a platform for energetic and talented individuals willing to showcase their skills and bring advancements in their sporting careers. It believes in fair play, sportsmanship, and integrity. Its mission is to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of sports amongst its well-wishers and facilitates an inclusive environment for all its participating players and teams.

We take immense pride and thank our sponsors for helping CSPL build a sports community through sportsmanship and aiding the overall functioning of the sport. For us, sponsorship is not just a financial contribution but a statement of your belief in the power of sports to bring people together and create positive change in society. Through your constant support, you are helping the teams and players achieve their dreams and promoting the spirit of outdoor sports.

We look forward to continuing our joint efforts to establish mutually beneficial partnerships for the community and the sport. We also extend our humble invitation for all kinds of sponsor deals that comply with the policy and guidelines of CSPL. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for the young budding minds utilising their talent.


1. Corporate sponsors: CSPL accepts financial or in-kind support from businesses or corporations in exchange for the visibility and recognition of their brand.

2. Individual and Community sponsors: CSPL is open to one-time donations or monthly contributions from individuals, local businesses and organisations.

3. Government sponsors: Government agencies or departments that provide financial support to the CSPL for specific programs or projects are also welcomed.

4. In-kind sponsors: CSPL also accepts in-kind sponsors who provide goods or services instead of financial support. For example, a clothing company willing to donate players’ jerseys or a catering company providing food for an event.

5. Media sponsors: For advertising and promotional support, CSPL accepts contributions from media channels, such as newspapers, TV or radio stations, or social media platforms.


CSPL We would like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors, who have been instrumental in making CSPL a successful league.

1. Title Sponsor:

● The title sponsor of CSPL is [sponsor name]. We thank them for their invaluable contribution to creating a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and grow in their careers.

2. Official Partners:

● [Partner 1]: [Partner 1] is a leading sports equipment manufacturer, and we are honoured to have them as our official equipment partner.

● [Partner 2]: [Partner 2] is a sports nutrition company that provides our players with the necessary nutrition to perform at their best.

3. Media Partners:

● [Partner 1]: [Partner 1] has been a leading sports media company, and we are honoured to have them as our media partner.

● [Partner 2]: [Partner 2] is a popular sports news website, and we are grateful for their coverage of our league.

4. Associate Sponsor:

● We want to thank our associate sponsor [Partner 1], who has played an essential role in supporting our league and assisting us in fulfilling our mission. They share our dedication to upholding integrity, fair play, and sportsmanship, and we appreciate their cooperation.

5. Presenting Sponsor:

● We are honoured to have [Partner 1] as our presenting sponsor, who shares our enthusiasm for sports and dedication to fostering young adults’ sporting career development. Their cooperation has enabled us to set up this competition and offer a stage for young athletes to demonstrate their talent.

6. Clothing Sponsor:

● Our league takes pride in collaborating with [Partener 1] as the clothing apparel sponsor, giving our teams elegant and comfortable gear. Our apparel sponsors assist us in providing our teams with a polished and unified appearance while ensuring that our players have the most excellent equipment for their matches.

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What is in it for you?

● Branding opportunities across all CSPL communication channels, including website, social media, and print materials.

● Exclusive rights to use the CSPL logo and branding in the sponsor’s marketing materials and advertisements.

● Branding on team uniforms, signage, and banners.

● VIP hospitality for sponsors at CSPL events.

● Exclusive opportunities to engage with players, coaches, and other stakeholders in the CSPL.

Sponsorship Code of Conduct:

● Sponsors must comply with the CSPL’s mission, values, and code of conduct.

● Sponsors must adhere to ethical business practices and commit to sustainability and social responsibility.

● Sponsors must respect the rights of all stakeholders in the CSPL, including players, coaches, officials, and fans.

● Sponsors must avoid any actions that may bring the CSPL or its stakeholders into disrepute. Sponsorship Evaluation

● The CSPL will evaluate sponsorship proposals based on the sponsor’s alignment with the CSPL’s mission, values, and strategic goals.

● The CSPL will assess the sponsor’s financial stability, brand reputation, and track record of past successful sponsorships.

● The CSPL management will also look into the aspects of the involvement of the sponsors in the sport.

Sponsorship Renewal:

● Sponsorship contracts will be reviewed annually, and renewal will be subject to the sponsor’s compliance with the CSPL’s guidelines.

● The sponsorship renewal will depend on the brand’s impact on the CSPL’s stakeholders and teams.

● The CSPL may offer exclusive renewal rights to sponsors who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the CSPL’s mission and values and consistently delivered on their sponsorship commitments.


● Non-Discrimination Policy: CSPL ensures that the sponsorship deals are treated without any prejudice and all that individuals, regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or age ar,e treated equally and without discrimination.

● Conflict of Interest Policy: CSPL avoids conflicts of interest by ensuring that employees or members of the organisation do not accept sponsorships that may influence their decision-making process.

● Transparency Policy: CSPL ensures that agreements and partnerships are publicly disclosed through proper measures complying with the organisation’s stakeholders, demonstrating that the organisation is operating ethically.

● Brand Safety Policy: CSPL ensures that the sponsor’s brand aligns with the organisation’s values and that the sponsored content is appropriate for the organisation’s audience.

● Ethical Marketing Policy: CSPL practices ethical marketing policies and guidelines prohibiting misleading or deceptive marketing practices. The organisation ensures that all marketing communications are truthful, accurate, and not harmful to any individual or group.

● Data Privacy Policy: CSPL establishes policies and procedures to collect and use all personal data following applicable laws and regulations. This includes obtaining proper consent from individuals before collecting their personal information and ensuring the security of all collected data.

● Social Responsibility Policy: CSPL ensures the organisation considers its impact on society and the environment. This includes adopting sustainable practices and partnering with sponsors who share the organisation’s commitment to social responsibility.


● Financial Support: With the help of Sponsors, the required funding to pay various costs of CSPL, such as players’ and management salaries, infrastructure, promotional initiatives, and event planning, will operate smoothly.

● Resources and Expertise: Resources inclusive of training facilities, coaching staff, equipment, and support will enhance the quality and professionalism of the league.

● Promotion and Exposure: Amongst the presence of sponsors, the value of sports will help attract fans, viewership, and media attention, ultimately increasing the league’s popularity, commercial value, and potential for future sponsorships.

● Partnership Opportunities: With well-established networks of sponsors, CSPL can create opportunities for collaboration with other organisations, both within and outside the sports industry. These partnerships will lead to joint initiatives, shared resources, and mutually beneficial relationships contributing to the league’s success.



● Professional Development: Sponsorships will provide mentorship programs, career guidance, and networking opportunities to help athletes develop professionally and beyond their sports careers.

● Financial Support: The support of sponsors will help the league financially, which will cover operational expenses, organise events, enhance infrastructure, and invest in marketing and promotion.

● Motivation: The consistent support of sponsors will motivate the management to function at pace and other athletes to participate in the sport. Also, it will build up the spirit of sports in our country.

● Brand Exposure: Sponsors’ funding will leverage the league’s brand visibility and exposure through marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns. This increased exposure can attract fans, viewership, and media attention, benefiting the league’s reputation and commercial value.

● Community Engagement: The CSPL, through the sponsors’ partnerships and networking capabilities, will help create a positive impact, foster community involvement, and strengthen the league’s relationship with its audience.